Board of Management (BOM)


Board of Management (BOM) 

The current BOM was inaugurated in April 2016. It shall be in place for 3 years. It is made up of the chairman, his deputy and 15 other members. There are 10 other officers who assist the BOM to perform effectively. The full list of members is as follows:

1. Mr. Mseri L. Mwanyika - Chairman

2. Ms Lydia Mghoi - Deputy Chairperson

3. Mr. Leonard Mwashumbe - Member

4. Mr. Joseph Mwikamba - Member

5. Mr. Cleophus C. Salee - Member

6. Mr. Robert Kilambo - Member

7. Mr. Francis Mzame - Member

8. Ms Jane Mlaghe - Member

9. Ms Joyce Samba - Member

10. Dr. Charles Mwandawiro - Member

11. Ms Annah Mnyika - Member

12. Mr. Innocent Sio - Member

13. Mr. Mathew Wadero - Member

14. Mr. Richard K. Nyali - Member/PA Chairman

15. Mr. Faustine Tengia - MemberDeputy PA Chairman

16. Ms Debora Mjomba - Member/PA Treasurer

17. Master Meshack M. Mkirema - Member/Student Council President



18. Mr. Patrick Mukhwaya - Secretary/Principal 


Ex-Officio Members

19. Fr. Dismas C. Morang’a - Sponsor

20. Mr. Fergus Mwarenge - Area Assistant Chief

21. Mr. Jackson Daido - Sub County Director of Education, Mwatate

22. Mr. Stephen Muciri - Deputy Principal

23. Hon Flumence Mshila - Area MCA

24. Hon Andrew Mwadime - Area MP

25. Ms Getrude Chao - Sub-County Director of Teacher Management, Mwatate


Executive Committee

This committee is made up of the following officers:

1. Mr. Mseri L. Mwanyika - Chairman

2. Mr. Patrick Mukhwaya - Secretary/Principal

3. Mr. Richard K. Nyali - Member/PA Chairman

4. Ms Lydia Mghoi - Member/Deputy Chairperson

5. Ms Debora Mjomba - Member/PA Treasurer


BOM Chairpersons Memory Lane.


2016 - Present: Mr. Mseri L. Mwanyika

2009 - 2015: Mr. Leonard Mwashumbe


Thank you for your selfless service.

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